Gift of Christmas Appeal Fife

Our drop off points will open on Wednesday 1st November 2021 and will close at the end of Sunday 12th December 2021. Unfortunately, we can not accept donations to drop off points after 12th December and we are not able to allow members of the public to drop off donations at our warehouse. Our Amazon Wishlists will remain open until the end of Sunday 12th December 2021. We have around 60 drop off points across Fife. We also accept cash donations and donations purchased via one of our two Amazon Wishlists.


Donating via one of our two Amazon Wishlists


This year we will be running two Amazon Wishlists; one for general gifts and one for special requests.


You can view our General Amazon Wishlist HERE! Using this Amazon Wishlist allows us to target the age groups which we find it hardest to fulfil requests for donations for i.e. 1-2 years, 9-12 years and teenagers. It also allows us to include specialist items such as sensory toys, which we receive a significant number of requests for..


You can view our Special Requests Amazon Wishlist HERE! This Amazon Wishlist contains gifts which are for specific, named children, for whom a generic gift bag would not be suitable. This may be because the child/young person has additional support needs, a disability or a particularly unique hobby or interest. It is likely that we will only list one of each of these items, as each item is required for only one child. Therefore once the item has been purchased, it will disappear from the list.

If you are finding it hard to think of suitable gifts to buy, if you are finding it hard to get to a drop off point or don't have the time to shop, if you don't live in Fife but would still like to donate - try using one of our Amazon Wishlists! Please ensure all Amazon Wishlist donations are sent directly to us by choosing the Gift Registry Address as you go through the checkout. 



Making a Cash Donation


All cash donations which we receive are spent entirely on toys and gifts for children in need across Fife. If you wish to make a cash donation please drop us an email to and we will provide you with our bank details so you can make a cash donation. 


Donating via a Drop Off Point


At our drop off points, we will be accepting donations for children and young people aged 0-18 years, of gift bags containing presents for any of the following age groups. We are also happy to accept donations of individual gifts which we can use to make up additional gift bags / give as single gifts: -

Girl 0-6 months
Girl 6-12 months
Girl 1-2 years
Girl 3-5 years
Girl 6-8 years
Girl 9-12 years
Girl 13-16 years
Girl 16+ years

Boy 0-6 months
Boy 6-12 months
Boy 1-2 years
Boy 3-5 years
Boy 6-8 years
Boy 9-12 years
Boy 13-16 years
Boy 16+ years


If your donation contains sensory items, for example aimed at children with Autism or impaired vision, please also label it as 'sensory' or 'impaired vision'. We will also accept donations labelled 'Mum' or 'Dad', for example, if people wish to make such donations. If you have leftover 'mixed age/gender' donations, which aren't enough to make up a bag - please pop them in a bag labelled 'Mixed Age' and we will use them to add to other bags.


If possible all gift bags should be labelled by sticking a large piece of white paper to the side of them and clearly writing which age / gender category the are for, from the list above. If your donation contains sensory items, for example aimed at children with Autism or impaired vision, please also label it as 'sensory' or 'impaired vision'.


Presents MUST be brand new and unopened. We know that previously loved second-hand presents are great but unfortunately we don't have the time to be able to check things are fully working, things don't have pieces missing, things are clean and safe etc. Sadly not everyone has the same standards when it comes to second-hand things and the last thing a child wants to receive on Christmas morning is something which is incomplete or faulty. Any items which we receive which are not brand new and unopened will not be able to be used for this appeal.


Presents MUST NOT be wrapped up in wrapping paper. Please just place your gifts inside the gift bag and do not wrap them up. We need to be able to check that the donations we receive are suitable for the age group specified and that they are in brand new condition. Including a roll of wrapping paper with your gift bag would be great! We are also happy to accept donations of individual gifts which we can use to make up additional gift bags.


When selecting what to include in your gift bag please think about the child you intend to receive your donation. Try to include a variety of items. For example a pair of pyjamas, a toy, some chocolate, a jigsaw, a doll, some Lego, a keyring, a game etc. Give what you can, we know that Christmas is a difficult time financially for many people so please be reassured that any gift, no matter how small, is appreciated. Every gift donated matters and every gift will go directly to a child in Fife for them to open on Christmas morning. The recipients of your donations will be children identified by local organisations / charities working directly with the children and families who will benefit. Sadly they will be children who otherwise may receive very little, if anything on Christmas morning. Shocking but true that such poverty and disadvantage is felt by children in Fife in 2021. Unfortunately this has only worsened due to the impact of Covid 19. Last year we received our highest even number of applications, for over 1100 children and young people across Fife.


We are happy for our drop off points to post photos on our Facebook pages. We are also happy to see photos of people donating, as long as the contents of the gift bags cannot be seen in the photo. All posts to our Facebook pages need to be approved by us so they won't appear straightaway. Please try to post only good quality photos which are in focus and are well lit. We can't accept photos which show the contents of gift bags which are then able to be linked to the person posting, as this would mean recipients of the gifts may be able to identify who has donated the gifts to them, which we prefer to avoid.


Gift of Christmas Appeal Fife
Gift of Christmas Appeal Fife
Gift of Christmas Appeal Fife